Rail Transit Capacity Modeling

TCRP Report 13 "Rail Transit Capacity" Report 13 -

Prepared for TCRP by Tom Parkinson & Transport Consulting, Ltd.

This is one of the best and most comprehensive studies on modeling rail transit capacity I've seen anywhere. Plus there is also a very useful compendium of data of North American rail transit properties. (Thus it includes Canada and Mexico city data).  Many proudly claim to have "proprietary" modeling programs. With Tom Parkinson's program you can have your own  rail modeling tool, right now, for free! While it is not as fancy or elaborate as many others we have seen, it provides a good first order estimate for planning purposes.

Using the TCRP Rail Transit Capacity Report 13 for instructions and the following Excel spreadsheet model, you can get a quick view of a specific rail network's capacity. 

With the TCRP modeler you can see clearly the relationship between theoretical capacity and the other factors which can restrict capacity (such as a signal system). The original TCRP Report 13 is not, unfortunately, available on the Internet, but you really should have it in order to properly use the simulator. You can purchase the actual report from the TCRP folks directly. [TCRP Ordering Information.] Good Luck!

Download TCRP Report 13 Program and data files
(This file a zip file containing the following key documents. It is about 500 kbytes). Key files of likely interest in this zip file are listed below:

File Name Description Comments
Railcap.xls Main Rail Transit Capacity Modeling Will work with Microsoft Excel Version 4 and above
a8datass.exe Database of North American Transit Properties for this study. Operates under Microsoft Windows 3.1 or above
tcrpa-8mdb Database used in study This is a an incredibly useful database of information on transit properties in North America. You can use separately and independently of the other files. Microsoft Access data files.