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The George Washington University

Center for Professional Development

Elements of Railway Signaling   CWEG 809 (2.1 CEUs)
3 Days: (Date To Be Announced)  Enrollment limited to 15 Students 
Fee: 2,095
Discount Schedule   Registration Form (pdf)
Instructor: Robert Anderson 
Bio For more information please call: +1 (816) 350-1956

Over 1,000 students have attended this popular signal course at the George Washington University. CWEG 809 is intended for those wishing a solid background in the fundamentals of traditional railway signaling. Click on the course title above for a detailed George Washington University course information.

Communications Based Train Control   CWEG-117 (1.4 CEUs)
2 Days: (Date To Be Announced) Enrollment limited to 15 Students    Course Ratings  Past Attendees
Fee: $1,395
Discount Schedule   Registration Form (pdf)
Instructor: Tom Sullivan
Bio  For more information please call +1 (510) 531-8411

This course provides both a systems overview and a detailed understanding of Communications Based Train Control systems in service and now being deployed in the US and Worldwide. It is geared to signal and systems engineers, vehicle engineer, project manager, operations planner, and others desiring to know more about the benefits and challenges associated with deploying CBTC technology. 

Also covered are many issued closely related to to CBTC technology and new challenges uncovered as we migrate from traditional inductive loop to RF CBTC technology. Included are discussions of the benefits and limitations of new vehicle and train control standards, interoperability and interchangeability, traditional and new safety techniques, costs Vs benefits, open Vs proprietary systems, broken rail detection, silent trains, and lessons-learned by properties who have recently upgraded to CBTC. The instructor, Tom Sullivan, was formerly Chief Signal Engineer for SF Muni and  Director of New Technology Train Control for New York City Transit. Click on the course title above for a detailed George Washington University course description. 

This course is also available "on-site". For more information please Email the instructor

Special Course Discounts

10% - Combined Course Discount
Any student signing up for both CWEG 809 and CWEG 117 will receive a 10% discount on both courses. 

10% - Early Registration Discount
A 10% discount is available for both CWEG 809 and CWEG 117 if payment or a company Purchase Order is received 30 days prior to start of course. 

10% - Group Discount 
If more than one student from the same firm signs up for either CWEG 809 or CWEG 117 a 10% discount is offered to all students from that same firm.

Discounts may be combined as shown in the following table.  Registration Form (pdf)

Course  Full Tuition
(Each Student)
 Early Registration Discount
(Each Student)
(Each Student)
Early Registration
& Group Discount
(Each Student)
CWEG 809 $2095 $1885.50 $1885.50 $1676.00
CWEG 117 $1395 $1255.50 $1255.50 $1116.00
10% discount for both $3141 $2826.90 $2826.90 $2512.80

Early Registration means Payment or a Purchase Order is received 30 days prior to the start of the course. 
Group Rate means one or more students from the same firm taking the same course(s).


Signal Training Solutions
Blue Springs, MO 

STS Provides Signal Training and Documentation services to the rail signal industry. Individual, Advanced, and Apprentice Programs are available. For more information contact Keith Holt at the above STS link.

Safety Critical Software Development Seminars

Aonix makes software development tools used in safety-critical systems including rail. Alstom, CSEE, and Westinghouse UK use these tools. They are offering this free seminar which appears interesting:  

If you know of other CBTC or CBTC-related/relevant courses please contact Tom Sullivan so we can list them here.


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