Rail Transit Vehicle Standards Committee

Standards Status Overview

The Rail Transit Vehicle Interface Standards Committee (RTVISC) is currently managing 23 standards and developing standards, with additional standards under consideration.In addition, there are four other standards for which the RTVISC is strongly associated.The categorization and progress of development is shown below.(Standard names are abbreviated.)

Maintenance: Eight standards have been published by IEEE.These standards, and subsequent standards, require review and possibly revision every five years in accordance with IEEE rules.

Development: Fifteen standards have on-going work with the following status:

        3 standards to complete ballot resolution in 2002 (1474.2-Graphical User Interface, 1536-Battery Physical Interface, 1570-Highway Rail Interface)

        3 standards to complete ballot resolution in 2003 (16-Control Equipment, 1558-Software Documentation, 1568-NiCad Battery Performance)

        4 standardsí schedules are being confirmed, but are expected to complete ballot resolution in 2004 (1482-Maintenance & Diagnostics, 1544-Rail TCIP, 1582-Wayside CBTC Environmental, 1612-Communications to/from Rail Vehicles)

        5 standards for completion in 2005 and beyond (1626-OCS Insulation, 1627-OCS Grounding, 1628-Overhead Maintenance, 1629-Overhead Current Collectors, 1630-OCS Structures)

Expansion: As a result of industry solicitation, additional standards related to dc power substations are currently being considered.

Cooperative: Four standards are closely associated with the work of the RTVISC and are strongly supported by the committee.One (IEEE Std 11, Motors) is in maintenance mode, and was revised in 2000.Two (Light Rail Crashworthiness and Rapid Rail Crashworthiness) are under development.One (HVAC Systems) is in the expansion category.



JHD 8/19/2002