Working Group 4: IEEE 1483-2000
IEEE Rail Transit Vehicle Interface Standards Committee

Verification of Vital Functions in Processor-Based Systems

JimHoelscher.jpg (9166 bytes) Chair :
Jim Hoelscher PE 
Alstom Signaling Inc.
P.O. Box 20600
Rochester, NY 14602

Phone: (716) 783-2118
Fax:     (716) 783-2080


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Linda Sue Boehmer LSB 412-653-4602
Ken Karg / Jim Stitt / J. Stover Adtranz 412-655-5108
David Male/Linda Martinez RTS 212-986-9855
Olivier Hocheict MATRA 011 331 49657279
J.Utterback/R.Heggestad/J. Beshoner Harmon 816-229-0556
Manuel Galdo/R. McCohn/L. Nguyen FRA 202-632-3854
Arch McKinlay/Ed Mortlock BAH 703-902-3369
Eric Cutright/Robert Pascoe US&S 412-688-2398
W.Petit / M. Paget Safetran 909-466-4177
David Rutherford/Ken Jackson RSE 212-292-1446
Marvin Swensen Hughes 310-416-3494
Wagih D. Morcos/Luigi Sam GEC-Alsthorm 514-465-5267
Abe Kanner A1cate1 416-742-5989
Lou Sanders APTA 202-898-4019
Wade Scott Lea+Elliott 817-861-3296
Mohinder Singh Hare NYCT 212-492-8360
George Anagnostopoulos USDOT 617-494-2318
Gary Pruitt/Wayne Quon ARINC 410-266-4049
Anthony Guarino/Paul Perrone GE Harris 407-242-4332
Richard Imhoff GEC-Alsthom 011-33-14-010-6653
Guillaume Delmas GEC-Alsthom 011-33-14-010-6541
Vinkat Pindiprolu FTA 202-366-3765
Harvey Glickenstein PB Transit 201-648-0888
Howard Moody AAR 202-639-2465
Steve Mullerheim BART 510-287-4751

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