Working Group 8: IEEE 1478
IEEE Rail Transit Vehicle Interface Standards Committee

Environmental Standards for Rail Transit Vehicles

Charles P. Elms
Lee + Elliot 
(703) 968-7883

Most Recent Standard

Draft Specification P1478  
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Name Firm Phone
Russell Jackson STV, Inc. 215.625.6618
Kristjan T. Gunnarsson US&S 412.688.2104
Patrick Murphy CTA 312.973.3780
Vito D. LaPlaca GEC Alsthom 914.345.5126
Robert Pascoe US&S 412.934.2110

Meeting Minutes

Meeting No. Date Location Agenda Minutes of Meetings
1 23 MAY 96 Washington WG8AGN1 WG8MTG1
2     WG8AGN2 WG8MTG2
3     WG8AGN3 WG8MTG3
4     WG8AGN4 WG8MTG4
5     WG8AGN5 WG8MTG5
6     WG8AGN6 WG8MTG6
7     WG8AGN7 WG8MTG7
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